We speak the language of the small enterprise. Your concerns are our concerns. We pride ourselves on providing fair pricing, straight talk, dedicated service. So, rather than blindsiding clients with meaningless corporate techno-speak, we present ideas that bring real value, and that a small business can actually afford.

We believe that the tried and true solutions still work the best, and that common sense trumps the hype often associated with the latest techonological advance. 

We see the internet as primarily another avenue available to you to establish a real dialogue between you and your customers, and it's our job to keep that path as clear and easy to navigate as possible. 

Simply put, Coffee Cup Media creates an online presence that you control, gorgeous email templates you can send, and social media that creates actual value.

We also offer website maintenance, which allows you to do your job better without having to become a webmaster as well. You could hire someone for $25,000 per year, hope that they're well-trained already and hope again that they'll stick around. 

Or, you can choose between one of our three maintenance packages, pay a tenth of that amount and get true expert and reliable service. Read more here

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