Coffee Cup Media has serviced the small restaurant and other enterprises since 1990. In the years since, we've designed menus, brochures, advertising, websites and much more. Besides diners and other small restaurants, we've designed for industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance agencies, and non-profits.

In 1990, we launched a small publication called Roadside Magazine that showcased the world of the diner and the mom & pop enterprise. Our travels introduced our audience to the operators of hundreds of small businesses, where we told the stories of their triumphs and failures.

We launched our first website back in 1996, when barely 10% of households had an internet connection. We saw the potential, but we also saw the hysteria that pushed too many companies too far too soon. Companies spent big money on their websites, but had no idea of how to use them effectively.  

Company chief Randy Garbin has driven nearly a half-million miles and has eaten in almost 1000 diners (and countless other restaurants, taverns, pubs, and small businesses), shaking hands with their owners and chatting up their customers. He has written at length about the industry and has a finely tuned sense of what works and what is B.S. His design experience began back in the mid-1980s, working for clients of all types.